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West Virginia University Libraries
by Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654; Sibley, Ebenezer, 1751-1800
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"Culpepper's English physician; and complete herbal. To which are now first added, upwards of one hundred additional herbs, with a display of their medicinal and occult properties, physically applied to the cure of all disorders incident to mankind. To which are annexed, rules for compounding medicine according to the true system of nature: forming a complete family dispensatory, and natural system of physics. Beautified and enriched with engravings of upwards of four hundred and fifty...
Topics: Botany, Medical, Materia medica, Vegetable, Materia Medica, Botany, Plants, Medicinal
Wellcome Library
by Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. n 86817616 n 86817616
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The Medical Heritage Library
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Originally published under title: The English physitian
Topics: Plants, Medicinal, Phytotherapy
Biodiversity Heritage Library
by Tradescant, John, 1608-1662; Ashmole, Elias, 1617-1692; Wharton, Thomas, 1614-1673; Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677, ill; Grismond, John, printer; Brooke, Nathaniel, bookseller
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Catalog of a collection made by John Tradescant and his son (also named John) and left by the latter to Elias Ashmole, who presented it to Oxford University in 1683, where it formed the nucleus of the old Ashmolean Museum (the first museum in Great Britain), but was later dispersed. Catalog compiled by Tradescant with the assistance of Thomas Wharton and Elias Ashmole
Topics: Tradescant, John, -1637?, Tradescant, John, 1608-1662, Ashmole, Elias, 1617-1692, Natural history
Publication date from MacLean. Possibly printed after 1800; Sabine was at no. 81, Shoe-lane, Fleet Street, from 1785 to 1825. Cf. Maxted, London book trades
Topics: Cooking, Medicine, Traditional
Books to Borrow
by Belote, Julianne
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Topics: Cookery, American, Home economics